Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Did you guess it correctly ?

Ok, time to reveal what is inside the post in my last post...

Are you ready ? =)




A guitar !!(LAH..)

Did you guess it correctly?? Haha~ =P 

I used to have a guitar, which my uncle gave to me, but i was still young, and it was also too old to play with. Therefore, it landed in the dustbin.

20+ years later, i decided to "self-learn" it, and just nice, Dear Apple has one, waiting to find a new owner..! (Ding Ding..!)

And some of these videos also motivated me to learn!

Hey Soul Sister - Train Cover by Alyssa Bernal

Stick Wit U - Pussycat Dolls acoustic coverby Kewei and her sister, Kexin

Jason Mraz -I'm Yours (live)

For now, am watching some YouTube videos, to try to learn it.

Anyone knows how to play guitar, and got time to guide me along? =)


  1. wow wow wow!! this is so cool!! great thing to learn! dont forget play for us after u learnt it yea! :)

  2. I used to learn before during poly days but super long never practice. I have since gave my guitar away.

    Good to know that you are learning. Jiayou oh.

  3. Caroline: okok! =)
    Citrella: THank you!! =)

  4. hehehe.. nice.. when r u gonna play the guitar?? :) Jia you !

  5. missblur: i still learning, leh.. =P


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