Sunday, July 11, 2010

My feelings after watching "The Twilight Saga Eclipse"..

Watched this movie yesterday with my friend.
My very first Twilight movie..

I was hoping for a vampires fighting werewolves kind of movie.. but was disappointed.
It was alot of talking, and kissing. =(
Guess its not my type of movie. (A lady also yawned so loudly behind me towards end of the movie.)

After which, we headed over to Swensens for dinner.
While waiting for the food, i did this !

Took this piece of paper, and some colouring pencils..

Only coloured part of it, and the food arrived, faster than we thought. =)

So how was your weekends?


  1. hahaha! that movie just so so n not up to my expectation too. :/ how come no pic of the foods?? :)

  2. The food not that fantastic, so don't promote for them! haha!

    We even have to walk out to tell them, we want to pay the bills.
    Service: 2 out of 10.. =(


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