Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Hong Wei is up to lately?

*waves* Hello to all!How's everyone doing? =)

Hong Wei have been busy as a bee, after the training trip from Penang.

Since i am now in a new company (the previous company got bought over by current), the work place transformed into a new environment, working style was different, way of reporting was different. We learnt new things, almost everyday.

The expected situation : someone will eventually lose his/her cool, and quarrels will occur. (agree?)

Personally, i felt everyone became tensed up, as work start to pile up each day. With this kind of enironment, i am not feeling that good too, as i posted status like "I feel sick, but not fallen sick. Something is very wrong.." on my Facebook.

Many times, i really wanted to give up and tender my resignation(seriously), but after some ranting, the idea disappeared. I guess i may be ranting and scolding my desktop screen, i still don't bear to leave my lovely colleagues. HAHA!


Because one of my colleague, she bought me this lanyard !
My favourite Domo! =D

On Tuesday, a friend suddenly asked me out for dinner, and the moment she saw me, she passed me this.

Cheers me up too~ =D

Many thank you to those who left comments!
And also those who replied my tweets!!
You all are so sweet~

After 5+years, I do admit, i am not that happy working, already. Seems to be dragging myself to work each day.
Sometimes, i feel like taking a short break, then start looking for another new job, but what about the commitments i need to fulfill ?

As the Chinese saying goes : 手停口停, which means when your hands stop moving(out of job), your mouth stops, as you are not able to earn to buy food.

What would you do, if you were me?


  1. bro hong wei!! hope u feeling better yea? we all here for u. :D eh the domo so cute! xD

  2. Every workplace has its difficulties no matter where you go! Different people are forcefully placed together under the same ceiling because we all need a job... but emotional well being at work is important too otherwise, you feel unhappy and stressed and it can have an impact on your personal life which that is definetly out of control.

    hope this helps haha:P

  3. Caroline: Yup, im fine. Thank you for the hugs..! =)

    Anonymous: Thank you for the advice. =)
    Yup, but sometimes, have to be realistic also. =)
    I be fine, will take one step at a time.

    Wish me luck, ok? =)

  4. Lucky you, sometimes FRIENdship above all, enjoy it and treasure it. :)


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