Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are our MRTs too crowded ?

Back home from business!
Was a tiring trip and was so busy, got no time to shop. =(

Came across some interesting articles on our MRT today..

Quoted from a article from Yahoo

It wrote that last month, The Sunday Times reported that SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa dismissed complaints of overcrowded trains by claiming that “people can board the trains — it is whether they choose to.”

Those who took the public transport can also know how crowded it is during the peak hours, and weekends..
My personal thoughts that came across my mind when i read this sentence :
"Can i choose not to take the MRT?"

I cant afford to miss the train, and be late for work or school, leh..

For now, i try hard not to go to town area, during weekends, and after work.
Know why ?

I will become one of them in this picture. [Taken from here]

No joke, my friends.. =(

Its getting serious, and too crowded, and Dear PM Lee said we need 100,000 more people..

Soon, we might end up like Japan.

*cover eyes*
OH NO !!!


  1. Actually if everyone just be a few minutes earlier they can actually afford the time to wait for the next train...............

    Japan? seriously?!! oh my..


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