Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life Is Fragile . . .

I came across this article on the newspaper, few days ago..

Ex-lawyer dies in Perth crash

She was just weeks shy of qualifying as vet when car accident happened.

Ms Celina Chua was a mere five weeks from completing her second degree in veterinary medicine at Murdoch University when she was killed in the car crash. Her mother and two sisters were also injured in the accident. -- PHOTO: FACEBOOK
A SINGAPOREAN lawyer who gave up her career to pursue a veterinary degree in Australia was killed in a car crash in Perth last Friday, just short of her graduation.
Ms Celina Chua, 30, would have been able to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a vet in just five weeks, after completing her second degree in veterinary medicine at Murdoch University.
But her life was cut short when the car she was driving careened off a three-lane highway and crashed headlong into an oncoming vehicle.
Western Australian police said she was behind the wheel when she lost control of her Hyundai Excel. She was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. Her mother and a younger sister were also injured in the accident and were admitted to the Royal Perth Hospital. Another younger sister, who was also in the car, sustained minor injuries.
The driver of the other car suffered punctured lungs, multiple fractures and cuts, and was also taken to hospital. Police are still investigating the accident.
Media reports on the accident said Ms Chua's family members were in Perth for a short visit when it happened.
* * * * * * * *

I'm very sad to read this article, as it brought back memories of my good friend, and his girlfriend, who also left this world in a car accident, in year 2008. (Link to 2008 article)

He was only 25.

I can still recall me calling his mobile, 2 weeks before this happened, to ask him out for coffee session. "I will call you back?" His answer to me.

The call never came.

It took me some time to overcome this period of losing him.
Two years passed, so fast..

* * * *  * * *
Look at how fragile life is?

For the many friends who are facing problems, crisis, and challenges, this is for you!

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