Sunday, September 5, 2010

Say Hello to...

Say Hello to who?
You might be wondering.....

Here's the story..

I met Miss Fujitsu, during my diploma course period. She was being dumped by the previous ''boyfriend'' (and was being sold to me at an low price, after like 2 years usage, due to the owner buying a latest model.)

With the most basic usage of doing projects, and able to surf the internet, it was good enough for me.

However, recently Miss Fujitsu, had been naughty and not been working well with me lately.. with mood swings (regular hanging of screen), anyway its an at least 6 years ago model (I only got 60GB disk drive. =x)

Therefore, with the Comex show at Suntec City, (and to make myself happier..) i dumped her, teaches my mum how to operate and play some simple games with it. Yeah~

Now i am dating with Miss Lenovo! =)

Say Hello to Miss Lenovo! =)

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