Thursday, December 2, 2010

So long no blog!

*Blows the tons of dust away from my blog page*

Hello all! Its been so long since i had an entry here.. so where have i been?

Times flies, im already in the 3rd week of my new work, and everyday, i learnt things (bit by bit..) and also get to know each colleague (bit by bit...), which is better, which is evil.. oops! 

I also had to leave the house, and board the public bus, and during peak hour, the whole bus would be so packed!
There was once, my fat backside accidentally bumped onto a lady's and she turned around to stare at me!! OOPS!!

Not my fault ok.. =P

This is what i been doing lately, squeeze in public bus, work, and when back home, squeeze on bus again. =)

Thats explains why i am MIA (Missing In Action) lately.. LoL

Anyway, it's December 2010..
Soon, we will bid Year 2010 goodbye!
Have you started your plans for Year 2011?

Or maybe we start slow.. how about shopping for Christmas presents? =P


  1. finally u're back bro! so where is my xms pressie?? :p

  2. wah so nice. Got new job. I also want. Happy December!!

  3. Caroline: Yup! =P
    Sure! Can email/leave me a PM your address?

    Rachel: Yup.. still trying to adapt into the new place.. =)
    Hope you are doing well too! =)

  4. That's ok , once in a while I too miss out on my regular blogging spree. Anyway , you have a fantastic fun blog here ! Christmas is always fun and I have already got gifts for my family and friends!
    Here's a nice fun test for you !
    Which Ornament on Christmas Tree are you?
    Are you an angel or a star on the Christmas tree?


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