Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to civilian life

Hello all, Hong Wei is back!! =)
How i missed my iphone.. haha!!
How's everyone doing?

I was away for a week, and of course, work piled up in office.

And my upperstudy can throw work without any advice into my in-tray, expecting me to ''know everything". -____-"

Anyway, its about 2 weeks to Chinese New Year!

So full of excitement but also is the period whereby we spend $.
With no AWS this year, i tend to think twice, or rather thrice when buying things this time around. (have to save up for a rainy day, agree?)

We are left with 2 weeks for spring cleaning and buying the stuff we needed..
Have you done yours?

However 年年难过,年年过...

Be happy everyday!!! =D


  1. welcome back bro! ;) yeay cant wait for CNY!! :D i also start listen to Chinese New Year songs dy! haha

  2. welcome back :)
    I'm really going to miss CNY this year, I'll be writing exams -.-'

  3. Caroline: Thank you sis~ =)
    Julia: Having exams? Dont stress yourself too much, and good luck!! =)

  4. I can't wait for CNY to take my long breakkkkk!

  5. Rachel: Haha! and the CNY goodies! =P


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