Saturday, January 22, 2011

Old Vs New

As i grow old, i start to think back of the things when i was younger.

Like this song i used to listen to:

Although the very funny kind of dance, when you see this now.. but, after so many years, it is still a classic and i can still remember the lyrics! Haha!!

And also, how many of you remember the little "555 notebook" we used to write things on?
(By the way, are they still available in stationary stores?)
I was telling this to a friend who was few years younger than me, and she did not know what i was talking about! -___-"

Anyway this is called the 555 notebook.

And i guess the Ipad is now the trend..

It is actually a very pocket-sized kind of notebook, with lines and for you to record or write things you want.
It is so portable in our pocket.

I can still recall, using it to record who owns me things or $ when i was in Primary school. Haha!!

And so times flies, we grow up and we don't see such things anymore.

However, as the world moves faster, and people also tend to demand things to move as fast.. each of us also had to move fast, or to move faster so as to keep up.. but, are we also advancing in the right direction?

Do we still have the 好公民 or Moral education lessons in schools nowadays, whereby kids are being taught how to be a better or treat others better? Nowadays the results we obtained appeared (or are) more important than us being taught to be a better person.

Life back then was much simpler.. Agrees?


  1. AH! i know this 555 notebook, at here dey will use it to write down people's debt! LOL!

  2. "everything was better when I was young"
    That's what grandparents are telling everyone all the time and when you're young you get annoyed by this sentence. Lately though, I catch myself saying it as well :)

  3. Caroline: Haha, Sis! I did that too.. =P

    Julia: Yup, me too.. i think this is what we need to get through in Life.
    Either you keep up with the pace, or you get left behind.
    Study hard for exams, ok? =)

  4. I missed writing notes on those notebook. Now Im too lazy to use my hand to write >_<

  5. Kristin: Haha! Now we record on phone, or laptop.. agree? =)


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