Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever since i got dumped many years ago, i have been single since then.
Honestly, i dont like Valentine's Day. =)

While the usual khakis are either with the boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband. I stayed home.
(Ok, i did TRY to ask someone out, but FAIL. LoL)

Thats why my facebook status is: "V Day for me should be spent inside ktv room. Others outside hold hands, me screaming inside room. Yeah!"

Put in in a funnier way for myself, actually makes me feel abit better.

And if i am at ktv, the first song i sing, shall be this.


And this!!


By the way, someone on Twitter mentioned today is also #SingleAwarenessDay, short form - SAD. (Boo!)

But still, Happy Valentine's Day, my dear friends!


  1. haha dnt like this, gosh just like what my sis postd up in her fb n she tweeted it too! since like few days ago?! hahaha

    Happy Vday to u bro! :)

  2. Don't worry Hongwei, you are not alone. I hate Vday too!

    Still Happy Vday. You will meet someone who will appreciate you! :)

  3. Caroline: Haha! So coincidence? Regards to you sis, and Happy V day,Sis! =)

    Candice: Thank you! and give me a 5^! =)

  4. valentine's day could be everyday if we want to :)

  5. Ok !! I got your story ! You single but don't worry dude let the right time come. Perhaps next year you will get someone of your dream?yeah?
    Having said that , I would like to say why don't you celebrate Independence day as long as you can! ?? lol !
    Why are you still Single?
    Find out here what's making you still fly solo.

  6. Someday a good girl will come along ;)

  7. Happy Valentine's Day we will pray for u...
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