Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The men don’t get it..

The men don’t get it.
Not that Ladies Card i'm talking about.

What i referring to is: Depression.

Do you know, Men can also get Depression too?

Article from HERE, says that each year, depression affects about 6 million American men and 12 million American women.

And the symptoms (for male) are:
* Anger and frustration
* Violent behavior
* Losing weight without trying
* Taking risks, such as reckless driving and extramarital sex
* Loss of concentration
* Isolation from family and friends
* Avoiding pleasurable activities
* Fatigue
* Loss of interest in work, hobbies and sex
* Alcohol or substance abuse
* Misuse of prescription medication
* Thoughts of suicide

More to read over HERE.


Purpose of this post, you wondering?

Of course, firstly its to share the knowledge of Men can get Depression too. And after some 'internal battle' of the mind, i decide to disclose that, i am actually out of job, for a month. Some of you know it, some don't. (Sigh of relief, after i typed this.)

Yup, the new work i got to, was not something i like, so i left the place.

I do feel emotional and lost as time pass, day by day, sounds like depression. I hope i have not offended anyone, so far?

Thank you to the concerns of the friends, on Facebook (Some did it too openly,though..), Twitter(Many encouraging Tweets!), and of course the real life friends! (For the smses and calls..)

Resumes are being sent, job agencies did call, interviews were attended.
Their standard replies: "We will call you."
However, seldom they came.

What i facing now is the awaiting of an job opening and being offered for me, so that i can bring myself up and move forward again!

To those facing obstacles (like me now.), it will be over very soon.

Do Not Give Up~

However if anyone of my friends have accounting or temp jobs to offer, please call/email me at : soh.hongwei@yahoo.com.sg ok? =)

I thank you for reading.


  1. yeaa men also has depression too. but mostly woman. its scary u know. :)

    working at sg ah?? :p

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  2. Yesterday I just watched Desperate Housewife and they were talking about Post Partum Depression that affect the husband.. sounds ridiculous at first sight, but it is real..

    why ah? r u depressed? dun lah.. u have us what :D

  3. Caroline: It's scary, yup! And ya, working at SG, my family here leh. =)

    Merryn: Men can get depression too, sis!
    I be fine, after i posted this out, i actually feel so much relieved. Hehe!

    And thank you for always supporting me!! =)

    Hugs hugs to all of you who support me! <3

  4. Yea...some ppl assumed men wun get depressed...especially most women assume so...lol..btw..had linked ur blog in my blogroll.. =)


  5. Don't give up! There's always sunshine after rain. Try to be optimistic yea?

  6. Eric: Thank you Eric! Your blog is under "My Friend's Blog" =)


    Zazabong: Thank you for visiting and encouragement!
    I wont give up, and will keep moving.

    Life doesn't stop here.

    You take care too! =)


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