Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet up weekend.

Hi my dear friends!

How was the last weekend?
As it left us in a blink of our eyes, let's look forward to the next weekend! =)

My Sat was planned with a tennis game, but was being forced to reschedule it to 2 weeks later, due to the heavy rain. -___-"
So it was spent hiding at a nearby shopping centre, eating.

The rain got heavier, and there was no shelter being linked to the nearest bus stop or mrt station. (Oh no!)

Why the ''oh no!'' ? I was supposed to have a Tweetup (word from Twitterland) session with my Twitter friends!

And so, i rushed home, changed, and rush to meet them. So Sorry!!

However i was being blessed with food they left behind for me.

Thank you all! =)

We also had fun, frying the ice-cream after it.

*Stir Stir*

See my happy face?

* * * * * * * *

Sunday was another meet up with my diploma classmates.

We went to F.I.S.H. at 313 Somerset.
This place was also being featured on Sparklette! =)

With a main course, you can top up some money, to enjoy their salad bar.
Credits to my friend's camera.

Their salad bar.

The food we had.

The fun people.

One thing i love about the people and service of the restaurant. They explain everything on the menu, the moment we arrive, and was always asking us, how was the food, and things like that.

And surprises came, knowing it was my belated birthday celebration, they even wrote a card and gave me a balloon! HAHA!

Thank you all!


Will drop by again soon! =)


  1. enjoying foods!! lol! good thing bro!
    eih? frying the ice cream?? hows the taste after that bro?? :)

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  2. Thanks for 'liking' my comic fanpage. hehe.

    The food @ F.I.S.H. looks good. maybe I should go try it out too =)

  3. Caroline: Sis, it was liquid ice cream, then when we 'fry' it, it became solid like ice cream!
    And yup, met Simon too.. hehe! =)

    Kristin: Most welcome! =) Yup, the food is nice.. and of course, the people! hehe!!


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