Sunday, March 27, 2011

Collected my iphone back

After a year, my iphone started to have problems.
It self drains itself within 5hours (even though i was not using it.)

Since it was out of the 1 year warranty.. and the official Apple stores quoted me SGD 350 for a 1-to-1 exchange, i decided to find a repair man.

He helped me to change the battery, but it was still not working well. Therefore i went back to him, again, and he said he will have to test out on other parts of the phone.

After a month, the repair guy was saying he suspected it could be the motherboard of the phone, having problems, but was not confident of which one is it, therefore he could not repair it.

He suggested to change a motherboard, quoted me SGD 500, for it. (Duhs!)

For this price, i could have gotten a second hand smartphone to use.

Thus, I collected my iphone (So called 'body') back.

My suggestions for my iphone friends:
  • Spend another SGD 99.00, for another year of Applecare protection.
  • Don't buy cheapo handphone charger!!! (I suspect this might be the cause of the problem, read my personal charger explosion experience HERE)
It is quite weird to carry a phone which is self draining, and what happens if you are not at home or having access to a charging dock?
Am going to give it another chance to prove that it can still work, with the help of my external battery charger.

I must admit that it is a great phone to use, but rather troublesome when it starts to have problems.. Might have to change to "Orange" smartphone next time then..

Let's see how it goes?


  1. use android phones! or BB! :D well i also suggest not using cheap phone charger bro, its cheap but quality not guaranteed. :)

  2. Caroline: Yup, i want to change an Android phone! Still choosing.. =P

    Ruiting: Yeah! Full of Vitamin C. LOL


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