Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jackie Chan dead hoax

"RIP Jackie Chan" was trending on Twitter today.

Went in search of this news, and from this website.

"OH NO!" was my first thought!

He is my idol, i love him and his movie!
I have not shake hand with him yet somemore!!
How can this be?

But then, on the website i saw, typo mistakes.. hmm.. hmm..(Please click to see bigger picture)

But then it turn out, it was a hoax.
*Sigh of relief*

Boring people spreading false news.

NOT FUNNY, lo...


  1. Shit..definitely not funny! I love him more than Bruce Lee...PS: He's got a building dedicated to him on my campus! :p

  2. Gosh! People should not joke like that! It's very upsetting!

  3. lol. early april fool joke maybe? guess who will "die" again this time? justin bieber? or lady gaga? lol

  4. Delirious jellybean: Yup, and, he's a great man! =)

    Jenny: It is, im glad its not true! =)

    Mei Quin: yup, guess someone will come out with something again.. aiyoo! =)

  5. Jackie Chan Dead Rumor August 2011 Fake Facebook Page Message Here:



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