Sunday, March 6, 2011

Loving Yourself

I love myself, so wanted to update it onto Facebook.
The relationship part, that is. =)

I wanted to set it to 'In a relationship' with myself.

After saving it, it prompted me something..

Come, i zoom in, let you see..

Facebook prompt me: "You cannot create a relationship with yourself.

But i love myself, so much!! (HAHA!)

Instead of trying to find that special love of someone, love yourself first!
Did some readings from Wiki How.
Below are the steps, and the things i did, or am doing, after reading it. =)

1. Be honest with yourself about how valuable you believe you are.
Everytime i tell myself, i am not that lousy, or bad. When you feel yourself more worth, you become more valuable.

2. Start sharing. 
Share, what you know, what you learn, and people around will see the value of having you around.

3. FORGIVE yourself if you ever believe you aren't worthy of love.
Everyone is worthy of Love. Try saying this into the mirror every morning.

4. Post this affirmation up someplace where you will see it each and every day; "I have the courage to believe that I am worthy of love."
Keep telling yourself that your are worthy of Love! Everyday. =)

5. Take action and make those words real.
Make this step into action: love yourself, love others, spread the love around.

6. Learn to let go.
Everyone will sure come across bad experiences, relationship, being rejected (*cough*).
Let it go, it will pass and Life doesn't stop here.

7. Remember that love is not a feeling, it is a choice! 
The more you Love yourself, the more the friends around will benefit. That is you, loving yourself, and spreading it to the people around you.

8. Think about what you need to fill that emptiness inside, that place that is longing for love.
Think of something to fill that emptiness in your heart, personally, i find things to fill the mind. Examples: jogging, cleaning the room or house, talk to my hamster (sometimes.) And when you are so full of loving yourself, you will naturally become a more loving person.

9. Keep a journal.
Write it down. For me, i write on my Blog. Happy, Sad happenings.
They can motivate you and you can also learn things out of it. It also serves as good memories of events in your life. =)

10. Get in Tune with Yourself.
Listen to music. The songs you are listening can affect your moods too, try to play more happy songs on your mp3 player, alright?

11. Do 3 things a day, to change yourself into your dream person If it is gaining or losing weight, then take a step by dancing for 20 minutes. 
Want to know what i did for this?
Firstly, i look into the mirror, tell myself: "Today is a better day.".
Secondly, look into my own eyes, and say: "You are actually not that bad..."
Thirdly, Smile to yourself in the mirror. (This, is very useful.)

12. Hug yourself.
Put your left hand over the right shoulder.
Put your right hand over the left shoulder.
There you go, give yourself a tight hug!! =)


  1. But sometimes for those 'negative' type of person... 1) They keep everything to themselves, 2) Too lazy to write a journal 3) Hear all the sad songs 4) Don't know what they want. etc etc.. haha. Great post anyway =D

  2. i love this post lots! *hugs*
    I believe that we love self more only we can love other person. :p

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  3. omg thats funny!!! u cracked me up hong wei!

  4. Charlene: =) Thank you sis!

    Kristin: Thank you! =) Yup, but ultimately it's up to them to overcome them. =)

    Caroline: Yeah sis! =)

    Dblchin: Oh yeah Sis! =)


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