Thursday, March 31, 2011

Throwing away the old memories.

Hi all, just to inform, i sold my iphone away!
Shall buy another new android phone? =(

Anyway, it was bed sheet washing day for the house over the weekends.

Mum suggested me to wash the pillow with my name being sewn onto it (by my ex girlfriend,as an birthday present..), even though it was not very professionally sewed, it was the thoughts that count.

But then, after a round in the washing machine, all the lettering came off !

It became..


Ok, time to let go of the old memories 10 years ago.
She is getting married too. All the best to her!! =)

* * * * * * * *

Wanted a breakfast and a walkabout with a friend, in Queenstown food centre, yesterday, but discovered it was being closed down!

The shops beside the Queenstown MRT were all closed too!

A little memory of the Queenstown Bowl and the Food centre along Margaret Drive, too bad i was only there once, for the western food.

Any friends have any idea where it or the rest of the stores shifted to?
Email/sms me can?

Since it was closed down, we decided to change the venue to Chinatown area.

The view of the sky..

The ''cooling effect''..

Something for the Tin Tin fans!

Last picture of a dustbin.  
"  Throw away the old memories, and move forward. "

Shall end with a song i'm currently addicted to.

Thank you for reading. =)


  1. hi, is Margaret Drive closed for good, or only temporary? I will miss the Chicken Rice , beef-noodles, Wonton noodle, and Char Kway Teoh (free flow cockles)

  2. Hi Andy: thank you for visiting me. Yup, it is closed for good. All the stores are being relocated all over singapore.. =(

    Sad right??


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