Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mum's nanny, passing away..

Today during lunch, we got a phone call.
Mum's nanny passed away in hospital this afternoon.

My bowl of porridge suddenly turned bitter, upon hearing this news.

She was such a nice lady, who took care of my mum during her younger times.
Mum brought me along when i was a kid to visit her house.
And every time we are there, she would make milo, take out the biscuits and starting serving us.

However, due to a fall, few years back, she was being bed ridden and only survived on a tube, transferring milk through her mouth.

Few months back, Mum and i visited her again in the nursing home she was staying in.
As she was not able to talk, all she could do was stare at us. I am sure she still can recognize us, but she just could not talk.

Although we expected such things, but i did not want it to happen so soon.

Death is a debt we all must pay. ~Euripides

Only problem is : when?

Dear Nanny, Thank you for the great memories.
Please take care of yourself in the other world.

Dear Mum, Stay strong. *HUGS*


  1. May her rest in peace. Take care :)

  2. Thank you Ruiting and Kristin! =]

  3. Condolences.

    I guess like they say, our life on earth is a loan. Sigh.

  4. Thank you Zazabong! yup, so we must be happy everyday.. we never know when we will need to go... =]


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