Sunday, May 8, 2011

My virgin voting experience..

7 May 2011.
I did my virgin vote in my almost 30 years in Singapore!

  • Went to the polling station, full of excitement.
  • Crowd was not that much, and everyone looked stern. 
  • Few policemen were around there too.. and the ground were nicely labelled, guiding us all along in the polling station.
  • The area was nicely organized and voting was done, within 5 mins! (Must clap hands to this part.)

Mark a big "cross" against the party you want to vote for.


I shall keep this slip in my "mooncake" steel box, till 5 years later. LOL!

And then last night i was too excited to sleep, and stayed up till 1:30am to watch the results. (Even though i was working the next day, Sunday..)

Results in picture format.

*Please click to view bigger image*

Credits to: Wikipedia

PAP still win most of the seats.
And my personal favourite Nicole Seah, din win. SAD!
Not much changes, just hope that our life will get along normally, praying hard things won't get more expensive!

Anyway, just for laughs: someone made this video of Mr Yam Ah Mee, the Returning Officer for the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. 
Video was of him sayng those words over and over again as he read the results of our elections.

And i realized, I am like working 6.5 days out of 7 days this week.(luckily for the Labour Day holiday on Monday) And my weekends, burnt. =(

Another new week ahead, i need to rest well.

How was your weekends, my dear friends? =)


  1. woot woot! so that's the very first time u participated in voting aye! :)

  2. Caroline: Yup sis! =) Think Malaysia also having one soon?


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