Friday, May 6, 2011

One day before voting day, the Cooling Off Day..

Tomorrow is the day we cast our votes.
So today was a "cooling day'.

Quoted from HERE : Cooling-off Day is a day when campaigning is disallowed and election
advertising must not be published or displayed. This is to let voters reflect rationally
on various issues raised at an election before going to the polls.

So, no more rally to go to.

Anyway, I think it's not so ''cool'' for me, as my nose suddenly bleed, while i was surfing on my laptop in my room.

After discovering it, i quickly ran out of room, used a piece of toilet paper, to stop the bleeding. (Just like when you meet a tap leaking, quickly find cloth to try to stop it.)

I must be lacking of rest or sleep..

And, im working this weekends.



  1. Eww. Do take care! Maybe just too heaty, drink more water!!

  2. Julia and Zazabong:
    Thank you! Must have work too hard, recently. LOL
    You all take care too! =)

  3. ohmy! take good care bro! drink more water on this hot weather! :D

  4. Caroline: Yup, thank you. You too sis! =)


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