Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life, Leaving, Friends always.

Although i left the company during November last year,i am still missing the wonderful colleagues and friends.

They were always supporting and great people to work with, if not for the sudden "buy over" by another company, i guess i will still be there, working.

Anyway recently, i been hearing many of them leaving (like me too) and heading to a new place. Even my ex Boss sms me, telling me she's leaving too!

I had my bumpy journey after i left too, things were never the same after i left..therefore i am wishing them all the best too!

Whatever it is, i sure hope we will always keep in touch with each other, everyone being happy and great health always. =]

Let's treat it as: we "graduated" from that work place.

The Only Constant In Life Is Change.


  1. I love this video. I used to watch it over and over again last time. May your days in your new work place gets better each day :D

  2. love this song! my fav all time since college! :D

  3. i also missing my former colleagues. :(

  4. To greener pasture? It's good for a change sometimes. Jiayou :)

  5. Merryn: Its a nice song! =) Thank you!

    Caroline: Yup sis, a nice song! =) And im sure you can meet up them for a meal someday? =)

    Citrella: Yup, it is. thank you too! =)


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