Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ghost Festival a.k.a. the Hungry Ghost Festival

A year past since my post here..

It is the Hungry Ghost Festival month, again..
We do offerings, praying..

Sat, the family did prayers to Grandpa, and also to mark the 15th day of the 7th Lunar Month..
There was tons of food, and my favourite: Curry!! =D

I also had wax on my hand, while trying to light the candles..

Come to think of it, the town councils did not put enough metal bins for us to burn the incense paper, for the "good brothers"..
Being environment friendly is one thing, we should still respect the "good brothers".. and if we burn them on the ground, we will be fined.
We need more metal bins.. (at least for this month?)

There was so much food, im still eating the curry moon hoon, during lunch just now.

Dear friends, dont stay too late outside, be safe!


  1. u have fingers like a girl! So smooth and fair! >_<

  2. Haha! I miss burning lanterns after the lantern festival. :)

    Is it just me that does that?!! :)

  3. Elizabeth:
    Hmm i think thats for the festival next month, the Mooncake festival.

    I admit, i did burn a few of them when i was younger... And the playing of candles.. LoL

  4. Merryn:
    Thank you!! Dont jealous, hor.. LoL

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