Sunday, August 21, 2011

PRC oh PRC..

The couple sitting in front of me at the Toa Payoh MacDonald, i overheard, all your conversation. (It was too LOUD.)

Encountered someone posting this on forum, of a PRC uncle scolding a lady, at the counter..

Poor girl was being scolded right at the counter.. =(

There was an even more juicy news on Indian family cooking curry, and being complained by our PRC friends..

Then as this news came out, (people like me who loved Curry, of course, unhappy), a Facebook event of "Cook and Share a Pot of Curry" appeared ~

Mr Brown, funny as ever, came out with this Curry Night song.. HAHA!

Since you are in MY country, please try to get into OUR culture, or at least, if you are not eating/liking the food we eat.. you can just watch us eat.




  1. I'm unable to watch the two first videos but I believe it's better that way. All these stories make me so sad, especially since my biggest dream is to someday live in Singapore. I start to believe that I, as a foreigner, will not be welcome because of stupid people like them. People should not move to a foreign country if they do not want to adapt. They especially should not complain about traditions and typical things in that country (even if that country is well known for complaining themselves ^^). This just makes me sad, they should go back to their home country.

  2. Julia: i guess the owner took it down. Sorry about it!
    It is, i am sad, at how Singapore turned into these few years.. but then, if you really come to live here.

    I welcome you! =)

    Zazabong: Yeah!! curry Curry!! =P

    Merryn: Ya lo... sad..! =]


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