Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Tweet Meet 2011

Hi all, im back from Taiwan, after a week holiday there!
There's just so much to see and eat, so little time. 
Shall write about the trip (Soon..) Hehe.. =)

Anyway, the day after i touched down, i was involved in the Tweet Meet event by Infocomm Accessibility Centre (IAC), whereby volunteers are being tasked to deliver 40 netbooks to the homes of people with disabilities and connect them to the Tweet Meet online community.

The netbook.. 

I was being partnered by the cute and cheerful Ryna (http://www.rynaque.com/), who guided me along of what to do, as i was overseas during the week. 
Bacially, we need to deliver the netbooks to over the their homes, and then help them to set up some social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Skype.

Ryna, was interacting and making friends with them.. while i help to do the setting up.. 

After which, we introduced them to Twitter, and Facebook. The fun part was the Skype programme, whereby we called in to an IAC member, as it was also the first time i use skype to do a video call! HAHA! We learn together..! =)

A screen shot of us! 

Although the tiredness and lack of sleep, i am still very happy to see the big smile from the two of them..
It was a fulfilling experience, and hope they are happy with the new netbook, and can make more friends through the social media platforms we introduced. =)

The mum and the brothers were very nice and made us souvenirs!
How sweet? =)

Support the Nothing Less project at http://www.iacentre.org.sg/ too!

Thank you!


  1. Pictures are so good..well thinking of this one..nice to see this here.

  2. Caroline: Thank you sis! =)
    Homework help: Thank you!


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