Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We F***ing did it..!

Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) Ms Trinetta Chong, 23, gave a speech to inspire and congratulate her schoolmates during the school's convocation ceremony held on campus.

A speech that came out of the newspaper...

She used the word F*** !

As from, it really means a not so good wording to use.

But anyway, some words got many meanings too..
For example the word: Gay 

It can actually mean carefree and merry too. 

The western country was quite open to using this word actually.. almost every sentence, the F word can be present.. 

Same goes to songs too..!

* I am posting the "Clean" version of the song. If you interested and of legal age, go ahead and find the dirty versions, ok? =)

She could be too happy that she forgotten it was quite a serious ceremony going on.. forgive her? Or just let time be the judge.. Forget..? =)


  1. I think forgive and forget ;) She's addressing to the students after all.. Why make such a big deal?

  2. =)
    Yup, i guess we are still not as open with people using the word..

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