Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finding Princess Froggy..

As we advance or get commercialized , many things and buildings changes. The environment changes too.
During our parent's generation, they can run around in farms, and going all around to catch fishes, spiders.Their hands and feet touches the nature almost everyday.

All they see are things of nature : the trees, the green grass, the nice blue skies.

Nowadays, it is tough to find place that can bring us nearer to nature.

Let me introduce you an interesting place.

It is called the Jurong Frog Farm. (Website)

Located at Lim Chu Kang area, it is the only frog breeder in Singapore and a member of the Kranji Countryside Association.It is an eye opener to those who have never seen thousands of frogs croaking and feeding at the same time.

They have guided tours which are filled with fun facts about the frog's characteristics, habitat, mating habits and conservation. The hands-on-the-frog session is literal- here is where you’ll get to touch the skin of the frog and wonder at its softness.

(Picture taken from their website)

We only learn about frogs, of how they grow from a tadpole, to a frog. Now, at Jurong Frog Farm, you can actually get to touch them!! Hands on, hor!! =)

They are located at: 51 (PLOT56) Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 S(718864)

How to get there (By public transport)
1. Bus 975 ( Board bus from BUS STOP OPPOSITE LOT 1, CCK, there will be a 10 mins walk from the bus stop into Lane 6; look out for lamp post 42)
2. Kranji EXpress Shuttle ( KRANJI MRT, from 9am, every 1.5 hourly)

Opening Hours
9am to 5pm (Tuesday to Sunday & Public Holiday)

Phone: +65 67917229

If you are looking for places to visit over the weekends, or during school holidays, this can be a nice place!
Teachers, you can bring your kids here too!

I will be there again, soon to find my Princess Froggy by kissing one of the the many thousands of frogs in the farm. 



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