Thursday, September 1, 2011

The poor maid..

Last night, i was having dinner with my friends..
Suddenly we notice a girl standing beside the table of the table behind us.

It was the maid of a family.

She (The Arrowed) was standing beside the table, while the employer (The Circled) was sitting down and eating.

"How can they do that!!" Our whole table screamed.. and started commenting on it, while i took this picture..

And with all this talking, the guy did not ask the poor girl to sit, and eat together with the family.. he even asked her to clean up the table.. (By the way, we are at Sakae Sushi restaurant.) She was there, standing, and looking at the guy, eating..

Either he "act blur" and did not hear our loud comments, or he could not understand English. *winks*

I feel angry and sad seeing this situation. 

I don't have maid at home, and if i have, i will treat her like a human too.
We employ her to help out in the domestic chores, not as slaves!

And if i become maid someday, i don't want to be treated like this too.. can i?


  1. Malaysia got some kind of case that locked up the maid at home and the employee balik kampung, the maid sick and imprison for more than 6 days . . . poor maid . . .

    and now in Malaysia if want to employ a maid need to deposit more than RM 10k I think lol . . . GG

  2. Gosh that is too much! I feel sad for the maid! :(

  3. ppl treat their pet dogs better than their maid and to that i'd say WTF?!!!

  4. Thank you all for comments!
    Yes, i am really feeling so angry when i saw this..


    How can they do such things!

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