Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is that time again..

It is that time again..

What time, you might be wondering??

Christmas, of course!!! =D

Christmas was made all the more special by the mysterious visit of this big friendly old man in red who would leave a sack full of presents.

But then, Mr Santa Claus, Singapore got no chimmy for you to climb into, would you mind using the rubbish chute Main Door ? =P

If you are reading my blog, can i request for present?

I would like :
1) Samsung Galaxy S II

2) Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Anyway, usually i would buy myself a Christmas present for myself, almost every year..
Two years ago, i got myself an iphone 3Gs, but it broke down after a year plus, due to me, partially. (Post Here)

Since my mobile contract expires December 2011, time to get myself a new phone.

What should i get?


  1. I hope Santa will grant you your wish :)

  2. no la santa should just break thru the window of ur room when u sleep!! ^^ hope u'll get wonderful presents! *wah so fast think of ur wishlist liao -_-*

  3. Merryn: Thank you sis!! =P

    Erika: Haha! Then i need spend $ to fix the windows.. And yup, next month Decemeber liao leh.. =)


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