Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Declared Down in the last month of Year 2011

Last month of the Year 2011.

Hong Wei fell sick.
The usual coughing and sneezing of that running nose.

Thank you all for the concerns on Facebook, Twitter. Was on two days medical leave, will be back to work tomorrow! ( However still thinking if i were to attend the bbq event on Friday... should i go? )

There were a few of my friends, also falling sick..
To all of you out there, please take care and drink tons of water !!


  1. hope u get well soon and enjoy the celebration for xmas and new year!


  2. Haiyo take care! Now is 'flu season' I guess. I fell sick early this week too. A lot of my friends also. Drink more water and fight the germs! Lol, tc!

  3. Fish: Thank you!! =) Happy Holidays too!

    Zazabong: Yes it is, after sleeping at home for 2 days, felt much better!
    You take care too, ok? =)


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