Monday, December 5, 2011

My Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 (4th Dec 2011)

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011, my final 10km run of Year 2011. 

Without much training, i faced the run and was honestly walking towards the last 3km of the run.
The left knee felt pain. (Too much beer and wine. Hee..)

Good job, i still managed to jog through the final 100 metres of the race!

The "Human Jam" started early this year. 

We had to go through this narrow pathway of the steel bridge to get to the starting point. (Time taken : estimated 30mins+)

My run started 8am instead of the scheduled 7:15am. 

By the way usually there are entertainments along the route to motivate runners but this year, be it sexy belly-dancers, cute little girls cheering.. i din really see much of them this year?

Whatever it is, I happened to see this dressed in red "Chun Li" at the start point, whom i greeted : ” 美女,早! “ (In English : Good morning,babe!)

Overall, a good run!
Rewarded myself with this. 


Lastly, do your best, enjoy and dont push yourself too much! The news just now reported of a 21 years old man died after completing the half-marathon.

Be safe, enjoy!


  1. Wow! Congrats on finishing the run! I'm always curious how the atmosphere is like... but I no longer have stamina to run liao! =/

  2. Haha Congrats! Btw did u happen to see the Giant booth there? Im working that day ><!!!

  3. 10km is alot! you must have a very good stamina to complete the run :)


  4. Zazabong: Atmosphere is very crowded, and alot of people. =P But enjoyable, when so many people runs together!

    Kristin: Thank you!! =) At the Padang area? Yup, i stood there and rested a while. Aiyo.. if i known, i go say Hello to you!!!

    Fish: Thank you!! =) Nah.. last 3km my knee pain, i walked alot.. lol But still, great feeling!!


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