Friday, January 20, 2012

All ready for Chinese New Year?

Hello all , are you ready for the Chinese New Year?

I admit i did not really spring cleaned my room, yet, and its still as messy. (Already warn friends who are coming for visits.)

There were quite a few negative posting on my Facebook feed this few days, and its a rather bad timing that such things happen, hope my friends involved are all doing good.
It maybe the Chinese New Year period, but there are still some people who cannot celebrate or being held up by last minute things.(SIGH.)

Anyway ! As people starts to clear their leave and go back to their hometown to enjoy the holiday, the office and public bus was so peaceful today.

An office hamper lucky draw, brought me a bird nest.
Although the number is not of a lucky number, and i was aiming that can of Abalone. HAHA!

The coming week, it will be a three days work week for me, but most colleagues are on leave the whole week. (I was too green, and no leaves to clear.)

I will have the Weekends, Monday and Tuesday rest.
Work to resume on Wednesday. 

Happy Chinese New Year to all of ya and May the new year be a great one! =)

May the Fortune God (่ดข็ฅž) visit all of you !


  1. me tomorrow only do the spring clean for my room! :P

  2. happy chinese new year! have a good one x0x0

  3. Caroline: Cheers sis! =)

    Intan Juliana: To you too! Happy New Year! =)


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