Sunday, January 15, 2012

Excuses on why still no girlfriend for the CNY season.

Chinese New Year coming.
Every year, i am always being target by the relatives and friends, the same question :
" Why still no girlfriend ah, you? "

Usually i will smile and say "Oh, not yet found yet.." and walks off.

This year, (Trying to be creative) I think i better come out with something special.

Can i reply :
  • "Oh, i am Gay..." *plus the girl girl hand signs*
  • "I just divorced.." 
  • "I ordered one from Ebay, should be shipped over to me, by next month.."
  • "I was waiting for someone clever enough to know how good i am!"
  • *Takes out handphone* and show the girl wallpaper on my mobile, "there you go!"
Some others interesting answer i got from Facebook and Twitter.....
  • juz say haven found a suitable one and give a cute smile and walk away.. =) (Can!)
  • haha u wana help me i help u hahaha (Guess my this friend needs help too!)
  • Gay! Dun like girl. Lol (+1)
  • Fortune teller says dragon year not good for me get gf. Vietnamese girl scare of dragon (This sounds good!!)
  • isn't it simple? because i decided to stay single forever! hahahahaha (LOL)
  • you haven't found the "one" yet and that you must never rush good things ;) (Another good excuse!)
  • =X (No such website leh...)
  • Just say you are happy just the way you are. I always say "My time have not come yet." (Good!)
  • Aiya, y bother? Just say single life is better! Don't u think so? I do enjoy! Haha (Cool!)
My friends are very good at giving ideas! =D

Anyway, if you asked, my standard of a girlfriend actually drop in quality as years past.. (i.e. Requirements got lowered.)
  1. If you are not into super handsome kind of guys,  you passed the first stage.. 
  2. If you can stand my jokes (Dirty, Clean, Lame, blah blah...) 
  3. If you can mix well with my friends..
  4. If you love your family and friends, and of course animals, like i do.. 
  5. If we can share the common interests... 
Come on my readers, anyone want to be friends, can Email me, Tweet me, Facebook me.
Now i sounded like im selling myself off! (HAHA)

Anyway, it takes two hands to clap, can't force.

In English, "Dare you to do it !" =P


  1. Haha I like the one on having one shipped from Ebay! Lol!

  2. Hahahaha! I help u see see look look around lah!

  3. Hahaha, love your post :)
    God already have someone for you,
    it will be a 'magical moment',
    specially made for you :) in
    His time ...

  4. lol u should start FB-ing and tweeting for a new girlfriend for this CNY XD

    Latest: Baba and Nyonya Authenticity

  5. Zazabong: Thank you! =)

    Miss Tam Chiak: So nice of you!! Got good news, i give you 媒人红包!! =)

    Iriene: Thank you! Yup, got to wait. Thank you for visiting too! =)

    Fish: I did! Usually what i tweet, or post on FB, is same status. LOL


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