Thursday, January 12, 2012

Die for the country.

I am sad to see yet another such incident. News Article (From

The heading wrote: SAF NSman dies during in-camp training.
Quoted from the article, 28-year-old Li Hongyang, a security trooper from the 62nd Service Support Battalion, fainted after completing his 2.4km run at 8:38am. 

As a NSman (Soldierswho completed the 2 or 2.5 years of National Service in Singapore) myself, i admit my fitness was not of those super fit kind of person. All i can say is that i am still able to walk, and run after the bus.
And, of course, the few 10km run + walk events..

To me, this is already being fit.

Being able to pass the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), every year, is a good thing, as we are being excused the extra 2 to 3 months of "Remedial Training" (RT) of physical training.
I have seen people running at their very best (Or pushing themselves so hard..) to meet the timing of the 2.4km, so as to pass the test.

Once, i came across someone lying, face down, at the finishing line and trying to catch his breath. The medical soldier dash up to him, and luckily he was alright !
Otherwise, his finishing line of his 2.4km would end earlier. (i.e. he passed away even before reaching the finishing.)

I admit i am one of the regulars of the RT club. Not sure about you?

If i quit my job, and train hard regularly, maybe i can do it.
If i quit my job, where my income will come from, to sustain the living expense of Singapore?

Training to pass the IPPT or earn money, which one more important ??

Formula of Singapore Men = 2 years National Service + 10 Years of yearly In-Camp-Training + Yearly IPPT + Work Overtime + Increase Birth Rate + Buy Car + Buy Flat + Blah Blah Blah...

Oh, by the way, my yearly IPPT window, opening next month.

Maybe this video can keep us going.....

Here we go, again !


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