Monday, July 16, 2012

Garden by The Bay

A few friends and i decided to join in the group of people with huge curiosity on what is Garden By The Bay.
We visited it.

Knowing it cost quite a bomb to build, and sure that it will be overcrowded,  i was still quite excited to find out how nice the place was...

When  i reached, the very first thing i saw, is this...

I heard that it will be lighted up, at a certain timing during evening time. Did not stay to watch it.. =x

Scenery around, was quite nice... Although it was drizzling on Sat, it was still quite crowded... 

A simple summary of some of the interesting flowers i saw, along the way... 

We only ventured the "Free" zone of the place.
Most of the areas of the garden are free, but to visit the two conservatories and the OCBC Skyway, individuals would have to pay SGD 28 to visit two conservatories, and SGD 5 for the Skyway. Children pay SGD 12 and SGD 3, respectively.

Some more interesting things......

And i realized i was standing on top of the water area....

My personally favourite photo i took. =) 

I was also trying to see if there was any stray dog, who would attack my friends or even me.. but they did not appear...

My summary of the place : -
  • Personally i don't feel its worth it to pay, to get into the air conditioned area. 
  • It is over crowded.
  • The is only one water cooler area, which is near the toilet of the Garden Admission ticketing area.. (Nicely planned out?
Let's see how long the flowers, can last..... and the place to be invaded by "our foreign friends" .. 


  1. how come recently so much talk on GBTB? did it just open or something? (sua ku me... sigh.)

  2. Hi Sis, Yup newly opened.
    Not to worry too much, you still can go take a look. I am very cheapskate, i only go the Free area. HAHA!! =P


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