Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Short trip away at sea..

Hi All, How was your weekends? =)

Mine was filled with fun, and alot of food. Ex colleagues and i went on a short cruise on Star Cruise, Super Star Virgo.

It was my first time on a cruise, therefore, there was much to look forward to. If you have been on a cruise, and from what i heard from friends, and my parents, there is never ending of eating. 
And it was true. 
There was like never ending flow of buffet while on the cruise. (HAHA!) 

I was helping out in the checking in process, as it was a big group. 

I even went back to my kids time !
I can still sit inside, hor ! =P 

Since we only got a night to spent, we really eat, and played till very late (3am), making full use of the time. 
It was a relaxing trip, and its back to work again tomorrow. 

See you soon, weekends!

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