Saturday, August 4, 2012


Chinese has a saying : 有錢能使鬼推磨 (Transliteration (pinyin): Yǒu qián néng shǐ guǐ tuī mó.)

Literally: If you have money you can make the devil push your grind stone.
Note: English equivalent: Money talks. Money makes the world go round.
When you work for a company, the boss is good, the job is ok, they pay you enough.
When the company makes $, employees play a part too.
$ should be (if can) shared upon all.

Do not give your employee hope, and then suddenly say you are not sharing the $ or profit the company has.

Unhappy Employee, means unhappy Work.

You pay peanuts, you get Monkeys. 

Happened to bump into a song by Ricky Hui, many many years back...
Listening to it, it is very true.

Money is power

許冠英 - 钱作怪(粤) Ricky Hui

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