Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Singapore !

Finally, a holiday we can look forward to !!

It's the National Day of Singapore !
It is being celebrated every year on 9 August, in commemoration of Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965, and a public holiday. 

This year, 9 August is on Thursday, and if you take a off day, or annual leave, you can rest from Thursday, all the way to Sunday ! (4 Days !)

If you asking me, nope, i know of this planning for a long weekends, but i will be working, as per normal. My other 2 colleagues in the department will be on leave, though.
So, someone have to be there. (Yeah.)

By the way, remember to hang the Singapore flag (correctly....)

And i hope i can really get some CASH, the next round.

Count on You, Singapore !

Happy Birthday, Singapore !!

May life gets better, yet much cheaper. Please. 


  1. hah. happy national day to you too.

    i didn't even catch a glimpse of the parade. busy doing work. from home. I haven't had an off day in 3 weeks. how is it we're always working?


    oh, but i'm glad i'm off to KL for a weekend vacation fri-mon. FINALLY!

    1. Hihi !
      Me too, i was outside the whole day too.
      Yup, we both worked too hard, must enjoy life too! Hope you enjoy the trip in KL over the weekend! =)

      Happy National Day !


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