Friday, May 3, 2013

Have you got these app ?

Recently there has been few advertisement on mobile apps, for chatting, did you notice ?

Firstly, i saw Line.

Yes the one, with handsome guy, Siwon. (Scream, ladies!)

The one one that i saw on television recently is Wechat.

For this advertisement, they managed to find Rainie Yang, and  Show Luo...

I have both applications on my phone.
Personally i like Line more, due to its cute pictures of Rabbits, and Bears.. haha! And of course, the "free call" function !!
With this function, we can use the internet to chat with the other party, who is also having the app. ^^

However, i think more people are using Wechat this few days, as i already got quite a few friends, doing so.

Which one do you like?


Anyway, ending this post with another version of Wechat advertisement.
And a touching one.

Cheers !

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