Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My CNY Day 1, 2 and 3.... and RIP poor ham ham..

Hello all, how's your Chinese New Year, in short: CNY going? =)

Sorry, I thought about it, i should post this. (CNY should not have talk about death....)
My friend gave me two hamsters to keep about 2 weeks ago. Last Friday, i discovered one of them dead in the cage. I suspected it was being bitten to death as i saw the face area was bitten...

There were signs of the two fighting, but ignored them as i thought they were playing with each other.. i should have separated them ! =(
Now having single hamster seems much more quiet..

R.I.P. my dear hammy..

I throw in the food, it also got no reactions.... SOB! 

* * * * * * * *

Back to the CNY !

Day 1
My Day 1 was spent at Grandparents house.
The annual gathering of the uncles and aunts, and of course the giving of ang baos! Haha!! This year was also Valentine's Day on the first day of CNY, that might be the reason why my cousins all brought their partner along this year. -___-"
The whole house was so full of people! haha... but still i was not being spared the annual question of : "Hong Wei, where you girlfriend, AH ?" *Blush*

Good thing: i 'escaped' from there to my friend's place shortly. HAHA !

Shall end this CNY Day 1 with a smile!

Day 2
Usually Day 2 means rest day, and seriously it was!
Done nothing much except rest.. and the following picture also hinted me to stay home...

Agree ? =)

Day 3 (Today)

Today i went visiting to my classmate's place. She welcome us with fried mee hoon,a self-made pineapple dish, fried chicken and many goodies ! (Sorry, too engrossed in eating and chit chatting, so no pictures.. =x )

But anyway, i still got a picture to share ~


Tomorrow, Day 4 is back to work !
How many of you are starting work tomorrow too?

Do not feel sad, CNY last fifteen days! and also at least we did not start the week with the Blue Monday..!~ =D

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