Saturday, July 17, 2010

One killed, 8 injured in accident along Chai Chee Street

I saw this news on TV, last night.

Article from Channel News Asia.

SINGAPORE : An accident between a double-decker bus Service Number 87 and a large tree-pruning vehicle left a 50-year-old male passenger dead and several others injured on Friday.

The collision occurred along Chai Chee Street in Bedok.

Police have arrested a 33-year-old Bangladeshi worker from the landscape management company for causing death by negligence.

Shattered glass windows, a fallen tree, and major traffic congestion were the results of the accident which left one dead and eight passengers - including a pregnant woman - injured.

The bus was behind the lorry when it went to the middle lane. But little did the bus driver know that the head of the crane was protruding into the middle lane, and this scraped against the side of the bus.

The loud sound from the collision attracted hundreds of residents from nearby blocks.

One resident said: "Like glass shattering. It sounded massive and sharp."

A second commented: "I saw them moving the victims down from the upper deck. It looked quite serious."

Three bus passengers were taken to hospitals, while others refused treatment, citing minor injuries.

Both the bus driver and crane operator were not injured in the accident.

They remained calm and silent while clean-up work was going on. - CNA/ms

Some photos...

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It seems the 50-year-old male passenger was sitting at the upper deck, and the whole row of the upper deck windows, all shattered, leaving him dead.

My condolences to the man and his family.

Personally, i always like sitting on the upper deck, its like you are so much higher up in height and closer to the sky. =]

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Ok, dear all friends, i will be on my first business trip (after 5+ years in the company) to Malaysia(Penang), and will be back on Wednesday.

Will be trying my best to update, as i'm not so familiar with the data auto-roaming stuffs.. Haha!!

Anyway, see ya !


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