Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Check, before leaving the shop...

Today, i meet up my friend for dinner at Jurong Point. =)

The ultimate motive today, was to hunt for birthday presents. And while doing so, i did some shopping myself.

I saw this nice singlet !
50% discount somemore..
"So lucky!" i thought to myself. =D

Then something strange happened, while i was at the cashier, he gave me a very weird stare. (VERY!)
I looked at the cashier machine, to confirm the price, i saw something wrong with the description of the item.. (I thought it was just some typo error, so i ignored it)
However after some discussion with another friend while having some drinks at Macdonalds, the 3 of us kinda confirm something was not that right !!

Want to know what was wrong?

I took a womens singlet !!

So embarrassing, lah~!

They put all the mens and womens singlet together, thats why.... *palm onto face*
No choice, walked back into the shop to change to mens version. =(

This reminded me of my father buying shoes from a shop (4 letters shop - Starts with B, ends with A shop), and got 2 different sized shoes, but sadly he realized it after a week, and so the shop don't allow him to change. ARGH!

So my advice to all my friends, while shopping, check before leaving the shop, ok? =)

Happy Shopping !!


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