Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner at Heaven's Loft with Season of the Witch

It was a gathering of friends for the Jan and Feb babies of the gang.

We decided to check it out, Heaven's Loft at Orchard Central.

The surrounding was nicely decorated, and a great place for gathering of friends.

My friend booked the seat outdoors, or the bar area, in which we were greeted with the natural wind blowing from outside and the live singing.

I had Fish & Chips, and the Ben & Jerry ice-cream as dessert. =)
The food were nicely decorated, however limited(In terms of quantity).

And then, we ended dinner with a group photo!

(But, the more i look at this, the more i feel i'm like the only one without partner..??! HAHA! )

Some of us, went for "Season of the witch" movie by Nicholas Cage, later that night.

Some disgusting scenes, flying effects, wolves becoming "evil wolves".. blah blah..
Overall, it was for Nicolas Cage.. =P

We catch up, joked around, and had great fun!

A bit of stress relieved for me, but still Life must go on.


  1. LOL! the group picture great! aiya got another 2 girls there no partner oso! :p

  2. aaah, great food.... This is making me very very hungry ;)
    Sounds like a fun evening!

  3. Caroline: Haha! =P
    Julia: It was full of fun!! =P


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