Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Rent' a partner for Chinese New Year?

Get to know about this article through Facebook, as one of my friend posted a status of :- 'rent' girlfriend of CNY? well, please text me...ha ha ha ha

For a while, i thought she was going to earn some Ang Bao money. LoL

However, after a  few messages being exchanged, she was actually referring to this article from Yahoo.sg.

The title being : Singaporeans ‘rent’ partners for Chinese New Year

It seems that, people are actually getting help from dating agencies, casual friends and even hiring social escorts to pose as romantic partners — for a day, or even a couple of hours!!
They did this to avoid the 'Yearly Question" (in which i am being asked annually too..) of where their partners are..


And to hire an escorts, it can range from S$5,000 to S$20,000 !! O_O

WAH x 10 !

So expensive!!

So sorry i dont have that kind of money, and i shall put on my thinking cap to think of an excuse for this coming Chinese New Year. Hehe! =P

However if you want to make friend with Hong Wei... 
小姐, 這是我įš„名į‰‡...
Translation in English: "Hi Miss, This is my name card.."



  1. good information on this blog.nice job

  2. omg... but I totally understand it gets very annoying if parents and esp grandparents keep asking for "the one"... they still have different thinking of the typical age for marriage... i think singapore is a lot "worse" than it is in Europe nowadays. My grandmas don't care :D

  3. Those people are so desperate to rent a gf -____-

    happy new year to you!


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