Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sentosa Flowers Event on 5 Feb 2011 (Day 3 of CNY)

Hello all!
How was Chinese New Year going?
I bet there was tons of eating, and playing going on. =)

For myself, it was almost the same, the usual eat and eat, and guess what im eating now? Strepsils!!! (LOL)
Too much heaty food, abit of cough and sore throat.

Do take care, my friends!

Anyway, went to this Sentosa Flowers Event, with my friends, yesterday.
A nice experience, but not liking the super crowds of people, and squeezing.

Some interesting things we saw..

Yes, now you can walk into Sentoa, through the new boardwalk built.

The Entrance

We walked about 700+ metres..


The lolipops tree..

2 rabbits with the Rasa World logo?

The giant Rabbit, that keep turning round and round...

With the M&Ms..

I was thinking of what he was thinking...

I was born at the Year of the Pig! (Others animals were there too!)

The "Rabbit ears" cactus!

The Four Seasons..

And finally, the summary of the flowers i saw..


* Things to be reminded:
- Please bring along bottle of water
- Sunglasses or cap
- Ezilink card (Not the Net Flash card, my bad experience HERE and still not solved..)

The event is going on till 13 Feb 2011. More info at:
Go take a look!

Finally, be KIND to animals !


  1. I like the piggy.. so cute! My anak oso born in the year of the PIG leh :D

  2. Dblchin: yup Sis! It ends on 13 Feb, this Sunday. Few days more!

    Merryn: Hehe! Help me say hi too!! =)


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